Friday, 12 December 2014

Penrith and Clitheroe Jobcentres Saved

Following a campaign by PCS Cumbria and PCS East Lancashire branches, it has been announced that the proposal to close Penrith and Clitheroe Jobcentres have been shelved. The branches set about obtaining as much information as possible and compiled detailed reports arguing the case for the offices to remain open. Assistance was given by local Trades Union Councils, a social media campaign was launched, local MPs and the local press were involved and paper and on line petitions were used.

Kris Houghton, the secretary of Cumbria branch said “I would like to say thank you to members in Penrith for their hard work in supporting our campaign and to the wider Eden community who signed our petition in large numbers and whose efforts influenced the decision to keep the office open”. Andy Knowles, branch secretary of East Lancashire branch said “To the Department’s credit it has responded positively to the representations made from across the Ribble Valley community. Management are now looking at co-location of services in Clitheroe rather than moving them to Blackburn and for the moment Clitheroe JCP is to remain open.”

Annette Wright, PCS DWP regional secretary said “PCS has shown that it is possible to keep a local service and to keep offices open when the union movement and the local community work together. Well done to Cumbria and East Lancs branches”.

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