Friday, 12 December 2014

Direct Debit – Now it’s serious

After months of prevaricating the DWP has informed PCS that it will be withdrawing the check off facility where our union subs are deducted from our pay.

This will be done by next March. Therefore, if you want to continue be represented by PCS you must sign up to DD by 15th February.

It’s easy to do, just follow this link, enter your membership or national insurance number and your bank account details and it’s done. You can get your NINO from your payslip, your membership number from your rep and most banks put your sort code and account number on your cashpoint card. Alternatively, the details of the account you are paid to is on RM.

We know that a small number of members will have difficulty with this process. It is essential that you let your rep know if this applies to you. If you don’t talk to us, your membership will end when check off is withdrawn. It is our policy not to represent people who are not members at the time an issue arises. Don’t let this happen to you.

Finally, please be patient with your reps. All local reps have been instructed to repeatedly ask members to sign up to DD. We get regular reports of how each office is doing and we hold each other to account if an office is low down the list of percentage conversions to DD. Help your rep out by getting your own DD sorted.

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